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If your intention is to bring more balance and harmony into your physical, emotional, and consciousness realm of your life, then Healy is a step towards the right direction.


What Is Healy

The future in health is here...

Healy is a revolutionary holistic wellness device that supports your body's optimum performance and overall wellness as it uses quantum physics to balance and support the body’s bioenergetic field.

Through the science of quantum physics, this device can measure your individual frequency via a quantum sensor – then deliver back to you customized and specific frequencies to realign your cellular, emotional and/or energy centers back into bioenergetic balance.

It can analyze imbalances in our physical, mental, emotional, energetic fields and recommends programs and frequencies to bring them back to balance.


Healy was developed in Germany by Marcus Shcmieke, a seasoned inventor who had previously founded TimeWaver. His vision was to invent a compact and simpler device with TimeWaver technology that could be more accessible to any regular person.

In Europe, HEALY is a cleared class 2 medical device that works like a magical tool that has 144,000 frequencies across 120 programs to promote bio-energetic balance. It interacts with the body through electrodes that are worn on the wrist, clipped to the ear, or temporarily attached to the skin with adhesive. 

“The future of medicine is frequency, and Nikolai Tesla said, “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, vibration, and frequency.”

**Disclaimer: Healy is a wearable Quantum Healing Frequency device, designed to assist with the relief of chronic pain, fibromyalgia, skeletal pain, and migraine as well as for the adjuvant therapy of mental illness such as depression, anxiety, and associated sleep disorders. All other applications of Healy are not recognized by conventional medicine due to lack of evidence in the sense of conventional medicine.

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WITH healy

The Healy helps you focus on prevention because self-care is the new health-care.

A true unicorn product that will revolutionize the world of health and wellness.

It’s affordable, portable, and rechargeable just like your cell membranes. It’s not science fiction, it’s science, but it sure feels sci-fi.

Though on a more personal note, Healy has helped me in ways that I could not deem possible. I have been battling my own hormones for decades. I discovered that this is the reaction my body had towards my own hormones. Literally, at certain times of the month, my own body was poisoning me. Every single month I had to endure this never-ending cycle of crippling anxiety, blackouts, and numbness in my face and arms.

This sudden burst of intense anxiety was so overwhelming; it impacted my relationships and my career severely. I could not be the high performer and the lover in the other three weeks of the month that I did with ease. The three weeks I spent building and creating - would come undone and done in that one week of hell.

It has been a life-long journey to find a way to keep myself, my body, and my mind in balance. It’s also what inspired my quest for freedom - in everyone one can be - physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and financially.

When I found Healy I had no idea I had found the thing that would save me. 

I don’t say this lightly. 

It saved me.


This all feels surreal and too good to be true, so don't take my words for it. There are thousands of real-life people with testimonials on their breakthroughs with Healy.

My Story
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We Are


Thousands of people across the world from all sorts of different background has already joined this company from its beginning in 2019 and have consistently share and use their Healy in their practices and to support their daily lives. 

Healy has gone on to choose the Multi-Level Marketing route to promote their device. So instead of paying 1 million dollar to another big-named celebrity, they chose to invest the million dollars on their members. Which I wholeheartedly agree is a super effective way to ensure that the product is shared to everyone. Besides, no celebrity needs another million dollar in their account.


Being a Healy world member isn't just about selling. This community has given me unconditional support and love since I joined. I didn't join a cold, money focused, community, but instead I was welcomed into a family who genuinely want what is best for me. 

If you'd like a chance to upgrade your life, schedule a call with me below, I'd love to explain this further with you.


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Join us behind the scenes as we tour the globe and take the frequency experience around the world.

Current Healy Event: Healy USA 1st Anniversary Roadshow

Join us behind the scenes as we tour the globe and take the frequency experience around the world.

Current Healy Events: Healy USA Roadshow MAY - JUNE 2021

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